Dry Skin

The weather is cooling down, and many of us will suffer from dry skin over the next few months.


As the temperature drops, the humidity or moisture in the air decreases. This causes more water to evaporate from our skin leading to dryness, cracking, and itching. Here are some TRUE tips to prevent dry skin.

  • Shower with lukewarm water and limit to 5 minutes
  • Use Dove bar soap
  • Avoid washcloths
  • Pat yourself dry
  • Moisturizer with unscented cream or Vaseline instead of lotions after showers
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water
  • Wash clothes with Free and Clear detergents

Persistent dry skin can lead to significant irritation, infection, or rash that requires medical attention.  If so, please make your appointment for an evaluation at TRUE Dermatology.  

Raj Patel, MD