Welcome, Shelby and Chilton County to True Dermatology.

I am a Board Certified Dermatologist with the highest level of fellowship training in skin cancer surgery and reconstruction. As a member of the American College of Mohs Surgeons (ACMS), it signifies a dermatologist is highly trained in detecting and surgically removing skin cancer as well reconstruction. Although there are others who can treat skin cancers, it is essential to identify their qualifications to assure you are getting the optimal care. I am honored to be the first ACMS trained surgeon and dermatologist to bring the highest level of medical knowledge, experience, and care to our patients in Shelby and Chilton County. Visit the ACMS website at www.mohscollege.org to learn more.

About Me

I was raised in Shelby and Chilton County all my life and completed all my medical training at UAB. My father, Dr. Ajay Patel, is a long-standing physician in Clanton whose patients have seen me grow up as a young boy. Since I was 7 years old I would attend my father’s annual Christmas party for his patients. I would consistently be asked if I was going to be a doctor and practice in town. After many long years of studying and training and with the support of my loving wife and two boys, I am proud to be back home to serve my community.

On this blog, I will update you with helpful tips, reminders, and specials so please keep checking for new updates.

My first quick tip

Now the summer sun is in full effect and while everyone is enjoying vacations and water fun, or working outdoors please remember to look after your skin. As a friendly reminder, remember to protect your skin from harmful sun rays, look for changes on your skin, and have your skin checked regularly.

Have any concerning spots on your skin?
Please call us for an appointment so we can schedule a skin exam. And remember, at True Dermatology Dr. Patel is able to detect, diagnose, and treat your skin lesions from start to finish in his office.